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She continued, "But I remember being really anxious that morning to the point where like I kind of snapped at my producer, which I had never done. I remember locking myself in the bathroom and being so overwhelmed and anxious." raising eyebrows with the inclusion of the question mark, which would ultimately prove to foreshadow the split that rocked Bachelor Nation one year later.Still attempting to process her feelings about Higgins saying "I love you" to both her and Fletcher, Bushnell admitted she wasn't too excited about continuing to have their relationship play out on camera, with the second show adding "a lot of stress." "Obviously we had lots of talks and by no means was my arm twisted to force me to do on June 16, revealing the engagement news in a video posted on his You Tube page on Tuesday.

"It just makes me feel uncomfortable…I was automatically kind of the bad guy and he was kind of the victim so that was a hard pill to swallow.

Holding each other, hearing the song for the first time and then seeing him get down on one knee is a moment I'll never forget."While Lane and Bushnell made their debut as a couple less than a year ago in November 2018, walking the red carpet together at 2018 Country Music Awards, the newly engaged pair had actually been friends for years before they began dating. "We've been friends for literally several years and just kept in touch here and there, but she went with me to the Bahamas on a random trip."During an interview with Hollywood Life, Bushnell revealed a bit more information about their friendship turning into a romance."We met at an i Heart Radio award show in Austin years ago, gosh it might've been three years ago, and that's when we met initially and kind of just became friends," she said.

"Then I ran into him and some of his friends in Nashville a while ago, and just kind of developed a friendship and obviously now we are more than friends."The i Heart Radio event she referenced was actually held on April 30, 2016, just a little over one month after almost 10 million people watched as she accepted Ben Higgins' marriage proposal in the finale of his season, and Bushnell happily showed off her engagement ring as the couple posed for photos on the red carpet.

It just hasn't been my mindset."In March, Lauren officially made the move to Nashville, one she teased the month prior, captioning a selfie, "missing my room but I hear Nashville is nice." Ahead of big move, Lane admitted to being a little nervous about living together and possibly discovering some deal beakers that could change their relationship.

"I'm a really clean person, so I thought to myself, 'All right, is this a good idea?

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