Consolidating student loans with bad credit

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By combining all your student loans into one, which is what happens in the consolidation process, you can make one monthly payment.The consolidation loan pays off your existing loans and creates an entirely new single loan, so the goal is to receive more favorable terms when that happens.But you have to decide how much it’s worth it to you to reduce your loans to just one and see whether you can get better terms or not.Bonsai Finance can help you find a lender who will be willing to consolidate your loans for you.With many debt consolidation loans, bad credit is not a barrier to getting approved.So you don’t need to say at the outset, “this won’t work for me because my credit history is damaged.” But why should you want to consolidate your loans?

But if your credit is damaged and you still want to consolidate your private student loans, one possible solution is finding a creditworthy cosigner for the new loan.

Debt consolidation loans BAD CREDIT may be an option.

Even those with poor credit can often qualify to consolidate 2, 3, 4, or more loans into one and get better rates and terms.

Here are a few reasons: You may be wondering at this point if using a debt consolidation loan is always the best option.

Well, that would be overstating the case to be sure. You have to weigh the terms of your existing loans, the terms of the would-be new consolidated loan, and other factors For many, consolidating is a wise choice and offers many benefits.

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