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You may not feel the unsecured debt after you’ve rolled it into your mortgage, but you’ll be carrying it with you for decades.If you’ve already missed a few payments and your credit score has suffered as a result, you may find it hard to qualify for the best possible refinance terms.Entire families suffer from the effects of heavy debt as worry and resentment cause loved ones to withdraw from each other.These problems are real, but consumers are fortunate to have many options that make getting out of debt a real possibility.

Canadian debt consolidation is probably the most common debt solution for anybody thinking of getting out of debt.We see our credit card balances and other consumer debts, and we can feel as if there is no hope that we will ever pay off our creditors.Those living with the burden of debt often experience fear, anger, frustration and even depression.Given how long you’ll be paying on your new mortgage, those rates can cost you a lot over time.You should always be careful using your home as collateral for debt consolidation.

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