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Compare Samantha Harris, Opinion, Law Enforcement Must Take the Lead in Campus Sexual Assault Cases, /08/12/doing-enough-to-prevent-rape-on-campus/law-enforcement-must-take-the-lead-in-campus-sexual-assault-cases [ (arguing that “[o]nly our criminal justice system can property protect the accuser and the accused”), with Holly Rider-Milkovich, Opinion, Campuses Are the Best Places for Sexual Assault Accountability, /08/12/doing-enough-to-prevent-rape-on-campus/campuses-are-the-best-places-for-sexual-assault-accountability [ (promoting campus adjudication because “[t]he criminal justice system alone is simply not effective enough to keep young people safe”). The text then accused a Democratic legislator of “refus[ing] to impose life sentences for violent sex predators.” Id.

This Feature uses the term progressive broadly and imperfectly to categorize reform that derives from a feminist or socially liberal agenda, and the term conservative broadly and imperfectly to categorize reform that derives from a rightist or traditional-values agenda. The threat of these postcards has apparently spread.

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New Jersey requires “permission to engage in sexual penetration [that] must be affirmative and it must be given freely.” M.

Letter from Senator James Lankford, Chair, Senate Subcomm.

We have already received feedback from our guests on how helpful they have found it. ” ” — “Sallie Felton has a wonderful way of connecting her message with the audience.

They are each, in their own way, more strident than most, but they have articulated emblematic critiques of feminist reform that have influenced popular discourse on the matter., at 50. at 1372 (“This Article argues against the idea of sexual autonomy and against the understanding of rape as unconsented-to sex. at 5-3.., at iii, 57 tbl.3-2, 59 tbl.3-4 (2015), Files/AAU_Publications/AAU_Reports/Sexual_Assault_Campus_Survey/Report on the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual [ This Feature sets aside administrative law objections to how, and by what authority under the Administrative Procedure Act, OCR has issued its guidance in the form of Dear Colleague letters. Gersen, How the Feds Use Title IX To Bully Universities, The Dear Colleague letter specifies that schools “should minimize the burden on the complainant, and thus should not, as a matter of course, remove complainants from classes or housing while allowing alleged perpetrators to remain.” Id. However, a disciplinary panel ruled that the fraternity did not violate university policy, finding there was “insufficient information to suggest that Sigma Nu as a fraternity is responsible for the remarks made by [the chanting] individual.” Gabrielle Russon, Panel Finds Frat Cited for UCF Rape-Chant Video Broke No Rules, As of July 22, 2015, there were 140 sexual violence cases under investigation involving 124 colleges and universities. For a discussion of procedural hurdles in traditional rape law, see supra Section I. 7, 2016) (on file with author)., at 987-1015 (reviewing campus policies at Harvard, Amherst, Georgia Institute of Technology, Columbia, Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, the Air Force Academy, and Boston University, among others). In my mind, things wouldn’t really be different after our wedding. -colleges [ (discussing criticisms of both campus adjudication and the criminal justice system in handling sexual assaults). No prosecution may be instituted or maintained under this Article [for sexual offenses] unless the alleged offense was brought to the notice of public authority within [3] months of its occurrence . The cards featured a mug shot and text that read, “This violent predator lives in your community.” Andrew Garber, GOP Postcards Fuel Fracas, =sexoffend24m [

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