Colton and skylar dating

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It looks like next week's hometown extravaganza might provide some more insight on what's going on, or at least what went on, with Tia and Colton. But, this didn’t mean Underwood was going to let Randolph go without a fight.I think that’s what love is, and that’s what being in a relationship is all about.”Though Underwood nearly quit the show, he said that speaking to show host Chris Harrison and to his own dad helped him come to his decision about pursuing Randolph.

“I just had to, like, be honest,” Tia remarks in a sneak peek of Season 14's eighth episode.Another hint was when Underwood liked a photo that Randolph posted from her overnight date with Underwood.Plus, Underwood reportedly follows Randolph on the Venmo app, which is used to exchange and pay money. But I never understood the depths of his love and commitment, and that she was the one …Similarly, he told the publication that he suffered tore a ligament and also suffered a break in his left shoulder joint.So, this happened during the first day of padded practice with the Raiders.

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