Christian sermons dating relationships

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Trying to do romance our own way causes tons of problems.

Divorce – no one ever originally plans on getting divorced.

You would never call the fire department to fix your toilet and likewise you would never send a plumber to fight a fire. Christianity is a team, different roles but the same goal.

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Jesus said the entire law is wrapped up in loving him and each other (Mat.-40). 1Affection, 2Friendship (should be “Agape” or unconditional), 3Mariage (a married man and woman, this also involves agape, but there is more to it than that!!! All 4 areas involve Attraction (Attraction is an emotion which involves admitting something is nice and beautiful compared to lust which is choosing to selfishly use, desire or gratify).

Remember: Learn how to NOT encourage guys romantically. Guys think that almost any gesture implies possible romance.

Make sure your brother in Christ understands the difference between friendship and romance. Love each other as brothers and sisters, serve each other, communicate clearly (Do not play stupid guy-girl manipulating games, “I’ll wait till the 4th ring to pick up the phone”). A date is defined as a pre-arranged social engagement. Someone with similar maturity – benefits are obvious.

Women exhibit certain characteristics of God better than men do. You will be most happy and fulfilled doing what you were made for. Know who the real you is and who the real other person is. Women must have perfect curves, eat like birds and watch princess flicks. Know who God made you to be, as a man or woman and don’t strive to be the other. The way you men should treat the women in the Body of Christ (“Agape” or unconditional love). They are not the means to romance but are an end in themselves.

Here are a few: Beauty (God is the author of beauty, just look at creation). God’s nurturing and caring (Motherly characteristics). Emotions (God was very emotional in many different instances; Note: these were proper emotions). Relate based on what is true not based on society’s ideas. Female friends can impact and bless you in ways other men can’t. Respect, Protect & Love her (put her good above yours).

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