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They love, hurt, have daily challenges and struggles, and strive to be the best they can be. The tension and the fear of the unknown are enough to make some start to hyperventilate.We don’t date others to feel better about ourselves or to know that we could get a certain type of person. We don’t need anymore validation from anybody than that!! Helping your child own who they are in Christ can overcome so many obstacles that draw their attention away from Christ. After being called into vocational ministry after high school graduation he attended the University of Central Florida where he earned his Bachelors Degree from University of Central Florida.As Christians our identity needs to be firmly rooted in Christ and the worth he has already ascribed to us. After graduation, he moved to Wake Forest, NC where he attends Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is married to his best friend and they have five children that keep life entertaining! He joined Bible Sprout in 2014 and writes on a variety of topics to advance worldwide knowledge of Jesus Christ.What can Christian parents do to prepare their kids for dating? One of the best ways to prepare your teen for dating is to give them a good model of what a biblical marriage should look like.More communication is done informally than formally. All of these things give your teens something to emulate when they are ready to be in a serious relationship.But before I give three Christian tips on how to parent your rebellious teenager, let’s first take a step back and remember what all parents are called to do regardless of how their kids are behaving.Christian Parenting: What Should You Do With Your Rebellious Teenager?

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