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Braggy behavior like this screams "complete and utter douchebag," and she will certainly not find you even the least bit attractive. There’s nothing more insulting or annoying than a guy with a wandering eye.There’s something sexy about a guy who is modest about his achievements. If your gaze keeps straying away from your date when you’re supposed to be trying to get to know her, you won’t get very far.Once you’ve caught her eye, this list will help you become aware of other qualities we look for so you don’t screw the rest up.Unless she’s a gold digger, she will not -- I repeat, WILL NOT -- want you to whip out your wallet to show off your bankroll or wave your Rolex in her face.

His iconic shirtless, cut, oiled physique, and pelvic grinding has been famously parodied by Jon Hamm on dashed upon meeting him.

From there, he was picked up by Tina Turner, who at the time, according to Cappello, was playing “Mc Donalds conventions” in between “burger skits.” In the middle of this “convention and casino” tour, Turner’s single “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and shoot comprised two hours of Cappello’s life, which resulted in a couple of minutes of screen-time that have defined him ever since.

Cappello maintains a sense of humor about it, and about the parodies of his signature look and moves, claiming that his original intention with the persona was always to “take it just a little too far” and “have an element of humor in it.” Cappello takes the persona, and those who have poked fun at it, in stride.

So know this, guys: Nothing special ever comes easy.

Exceptional girls require (and deserve) exceptional work to win them over.

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