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It usually take up to 24 hours to clear your photos from being reviewed but sometimes your photos may be in this state for up to 3 days until we no longer receive any further violation reports.It is very common for your photos to be under review if: • You have photos on your profile that do not consider family-friendly • We receive multiple violation reports on your photos or your profile • You use a shared network, an internet proxy service, or a certain ISP with multiple violations in the past • You recently created your account If your photos were banned in the past, it is very likely that your photos will be under review every time you upload a new photo.Free adult personals are available for view on many adult dating websites.Fling, Horny Matches, and Adult Match Doctor are some of the more popular sources for viewing adult profiles, and all of these sites are free to sign up… its free to join and free to participate but the monthly collectibles(rare items only sold in there month and can go for millions of gold IE:angelic halo which is the first sells for 3,000,000 gold). Yes, we can recommend a site for free stock images online.If you don't know their username, we suggest you go to the same chat room where you met that particular member and look for them there. There are also lists of online members by gender, age, interests, etc. The best way to solve this problem is to change your password.Noone can use your account if they don't have your password.

If you are not sure, make your photo private and ask around before making it public.

To delete a photo from your profile, please log in, click "WHO'S ONLINE?

" button, and click your username to see your profile.

You can block a disruptive member by clicking the username you want to block on the chat message screen to view his/her profile, then clicking the stop sign button at the bottom left corner of the profile.

• I saw the message "see you soon" as soon as I log in. Try using other chat rooms if you're unable to use this room.

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