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When the restaurant’s not shut for filming you can book in to recreate your own awkward First Date if you wish.You won't however, get to be served by maître d’ Fred Sirieix or the popular waiters and waitresses from the show - Ci Ci, Sam, Laura, Austin and Merlin.The obvious first requirement is hopeful applicants are 18 or over and of course, single.Other criteria are listed under the two-page application process which includes basic contact details as well as a description of themselves and their ideal partner in 250 words or less.contestants will once again strip-off in a bid to land themselves a date.Each episode, a participant on the look-out for love is presented with six (very naked) potential dates, and although the idea of baring all on national television fills most with sheer dread, you can actually put yourself forward to take part in the Channel 4 series, and here's how to apply for .The pair then meet up at swanky restaurant - London’s Paternoster Chop House - and we get to spy on their dates with the help of cameras and microphones.

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First Dates uses a scientific method in order to match hopefuls with their potential partners.On 12 October 2015, a celebrity edition of First Dates was shown.This was part of a fundraising evening on Channel 4 for Stand Up to Cancer."First Dates and First Dates Hotel are documentary series which help contributors find a partner from a pool of other singletons and captures the highs and lows of first dates on camera."Each episode will feature a number of intimate first dates.

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