Chad dating Chat sex over 40

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"No comment." When asked when the picture was taken, Chad said, "That was like three days ago." He smiled as he was pressed for more info. "We are holding hands." Chad also confirmed the two were leaving Rocco's. He loosened up a little when asked if he used to watch Kendra on her show. I think I remember a little bit of it, but I don't know. "But I mean, I knew who she was." Chad was peppered again with inquiries about the photo in question, but he insisted, "No comment." When asked why he didn't want to talk about it, Chad said, "No comment. "He'll be a virgin 'til he dies now," Chad said, "because everyone's gonna know him as [the virgin]. " Even if Colton sleep with a contestant this season, Chad doesn't think the label will go away.

When asked how long he and Kendra have known each other, Chad let out a long "uhhhhh" before responding, "I mean, a while. When the dude's like 80, if I see him outside, I'm gonna be like, 'Virgin! "Even if they do [have sex with him], he's still 'the virgin,'" he said.

UDPATE: Kendra also addressed any and all speculation about her love life on Instagram in a caption for a photo of her and BFF Jessica Hall.

"We had a lot to catch up on after about two days of her being MIA," she wrote.

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While playing coy on whether he's single, he also stressed his belief in exclusivity once he starts dating someone.

Chad said, “One you hit the two-to-three-date range, I think it’s time to cut off the other [girls].” In November, Wilkinson revealed that she was “falling in love” with herself, saying, “Been dating myself lately. Love and happiness is real without waiting on someone or something to do it for you.

The day after, Johnson opened up about his dating life to “Extra” online correspondent Hannah Kahn.

Been taking a lot of patience, empathy, and discipline....

well, except with the d*ck head I flipped off on the road the other day...😜.” In September, the 33-year-old was romantically linked to marketing manager Frankie Conti, who she met at a golf charity tournament over the summer. News that Kendra was in “no rush to be with anyone serious, and is having fun with Frankie." Chad was been romantically linked to “Ex on the Beach” co-star Maddie Sullivan and “Celebrity Big Brother” co-star Sarah Harding.

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