Cat marnell school of dating

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Her self-effacing humor, tough-chick persona, and streetwise lingo are entertaining, yet uncomfortably remind me of my defenses pre-recovery, before others taught me how to love myself. Born with beauty, brains and advantages, this woman-child is a perfect example of “white-girl privilege.” Yet, she is also an ideal illustration of how little your station in life matters when your brain coils are misfiring.

Despite her privileged circumstances—or perhaps because of them—her psyche is damaged.

Her childhood was crippled by extreme emotional neglect.

She’s had a wildly impressive career that included working for Condé Nast.

Using amphetamines—excuse me, prescribed Adderall—is not a likely path for a drug abuser to find peace.

In the captivating prose of her book, I pondered what words were missing—for example, “Somebody, please help me.” With everything about her life so public, did anybody ever reach out to help?

It’s well known that Marnell has built her brand by celebrating her train wreck trajectory.

As she spoke, it was clear that it was not just an act.

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