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We are on the bottom floor and have never heard noise above us.As far as safety goes, our sliding door and windows have attached security bars we can put down if needed, but the area is pretty safe here and we don't feel the need to use them much.We have only had relatively minor maintenance issues and they have always been addressed quickly.They didn't seem to have any issues replacing our dryer with a new one when we had an issue with it.After all, I practically pass the dumpster everyday walking to my car.The valet trash crew doesn't work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and no holidays of any kind.I moved to California in August, and needed a securely gated community to live in near the local AF base, but within close proximity to good shopping.I realized after shopping around that Castlerock had the quickest access to the 215/60 freeway out of its competitors.

It's a bit on the expensive side, but of all the apartments in the area, we thought this one was (and is) the nicest.The only continuing issue we have had is getting the mailman (U. Postal Service) to deliver packages, he/she doesn't even attempt to deliver them, just leaves us a notice telling us to pick it up at the post office which is annoying.This isn't a problem with Fed Ex or UPS as they just deliver to the package room, which is open 24 hours, which is really convenient.The neighborhood is nice as well and is walking/jogging friendly, even at night.We have found the office staff, especially Natasha, to be friendly, attentive, and helpful.

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