Carbon dating falacy

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Some climate extremists say there is a “consensus of evidence”.However, evidence cannot hold or express an opinion.The Arctic ice may be melting, but the Antarctic has been cooling for 30 years and the sea ice there is growing, so the decline in Arctic sea ice does not indicate a global problem. In any previous generation, the fatuous cascade of fallacious arguments deployed by climate extremists in government, academe and the media in support of the now-collapsed climate scare would have been laughed down.“Monckton says he’s a member of the House of Lords, but the Clerk of the Parliaments says he isn’t, so everything he says is nonsense.” That is the the attack on the man rather than on his argument. When the future British prime minister Harold Macmillan arrived at Oxford to study the classics, his tutor said: “Four years’ study will qualify you for nothing at all – except to recognize rot when you hear it.” The climate storyline is rot.Why are our space programs so interested in exo everything while we've not sent a man to our own moon for 40 exo moon 4000 lightyears away, awesome, but some of the smartest minds in astrophysics have left this world stating that the moon we have is so anomalous in size, orbit, and PERFECT in terms of stability of rotation on its axis compared to any others that its either been placed here or smashed out from our own planet so completely perfect that you may not expect to see another example of its formation as long as our civilization seeks to explore.“Ah,” say the believers, “but there is a consensus of scientists and learned societies.” That is the the reputation or appeal-to-authority fallacy.

Just because we are told that many people say they believe a thing to be so, that is no evidence that many people say it, still less that they believe it, still less that it is so.

To prevent further costly scams rooted in artful nonsense, perhaps we should restore universal classical education.

As it is, what little logic our bossy environmentalists learn appears to come solely from Mr.

There has been no global warming for a decade and a half; sea level has been rising for eight years at a rate equivalent to just 3 cm per century; hurricane activity is at its lowest in the 30-year satellite record; global sea-ice extent has hardly changed in that time; Himalayan glaciers have not lost ice overall; ocean heat content is rising four and a half times more slowly than predicted; and the 50 million “climate refugees” that the UN had said would be displaced by 2010 simply do not exist.

To date, the “consensus of evidence” does not support catastrophism.

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