Cannot connect to internet validating identity

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Simply unplug the power cable from your router/modem wait 30 seconds to a minute and then plug the power cord back into the router/modem.

A soft reset of your network is a common solution and can often help fix the internet on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and luckily there is no loss of data.You shouldn’t need to press the reset button, just pull out the power cord from the router or modem, count to 15 secs, and then plug the power cable back in, wait a few minutes for the device to boot back up then try it again. Unplug the power cable count to 15 and plug it back in.If it’s still connecting but not using the internet then power cycle the phone itself, turn it off and then turn it back on.You can simply Tap (or Tap and hold in some cases) on that network which should give you an option to Forget or Forget network.Go ahead and tap on that choice to instruct your phone to forget that network and all of its current settings.

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