Cancer dating man

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The Cancer woman has her own needs for emotional continuity that a young Aquarian male on the go may not have to give.This could be overcome when the Aqua man is older and has satisfied his restless social soul enough to commit to one person.On one level, she can trust Aqua man because of his uprightness, compassion, sense of equanimity.His objectivity can help her see herself and her world with more clarity.

They'll want to know about the Aquarian's family, the waters out of which he sprang. Aquarians are private and prefer to talk about generalities: trends in society, causes, fashion, science, art, the space program.

He's future man, always scanning the horizon for the next new thing.

Meanwhile, the Cancer woman likes to have some sense of where she's going - what kind of people will be there, what's the atmosphere like, etc.

It's easy to see this going south since Aqua man lives to dart hither and yon and demands freedom in a relationship.

The Cancer woman should know that Aquarian men are so private that she may have surprises sometime--about other women he's seeing!

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