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But once they figured out that their partner was a pushover (like a parent who buys her kid a toy on every outing whether the kid is a saint or a devil), their rate of reciprocation dropped to 30 percent -- lower than the original average rate.The selfish jerk, meanwhile, was punished even worse."But I can tell that they're biting their tongues when I tell them what I'm working on."It is sometimes unclear, even to Chen himself, exactly what he is working on.When he and Santos, his psychologist collaborator, began to teach the Yale capuchins to use money, he had no pressing research theme.In economist-speak, the capuchins adhered to the rules of utility maximization and price theory: when the price of something falls, people tend to buy more of it.Chen next introduced a pair of gambling games and set out to determine which one the monkeys preferred.The essential idea was to give a monkey a dollar and see what it did with it.

He began his monkey work as a Harvard graduate student, in concert with Marc Hauser, a psychologist.That's because economics is in essence the study of incentives, and how people -- perhaps even monkeys -- respond to those incentives.A quick scan of the current literature reveals that top economists are studying subjects like prostitution, rock 'n' roll, baseball cards and media bias.It took several months of rudimentary repetition to teach the monkeys that these tokens were valuable as a means of exchange for a treat and would be similarly valuable the next day.Having gained that understanding, a capuchin would then be presented with 12 tokens on a tray and have to decide how many to surrender for, say, Jell-O cubes versus grapes.

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