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The last space in his room is the wall across from the bed.

It isn’t a large space due to the bedroom door on the left and the closet door on the right.

The mini gallery wall above his dresser has a few decor pieces I have bought through the years, a basket for his sports cards, the framed shirt that we used to announce his gender, and two new additions.

Greater Skies allowed me to create a map of what the stars looked like on any day I choose.

When I saw them I knew they were going home with me.

They are the perfect simple photos, but they are two of his favorite things in the world. Overall I tried not to stick with any one theme (for example dinosaurs, construction trucks, sports, robots, etc.) but rather a color scheme.

When I saw this little baseball tote a Home Goods I knew it was going to be perfect in my little guy’s room.

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We purchased it on Wayfair and it was in decent shape before it made three moves plus countless rearranging.

The important part of the dresser is what it holds on and above it. During Camden’s ‘rookie of the year’ first birthday party, I had everyone sign it and have kept it on display ever since.

We’re starting to work on the process of going to bed and waking up at certain times.

With the help of our Little Hippo Mella children’s clock, my kids are starting to learn when it is okay to get up by looking at the color on their clock. I used the picture ledge shelves from Target to create a little reading corner.

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