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How can you respond to diet-y comments with a different perspective?

How can you set boundaries around discussing triggering topics related to food, body, and movement?

How can you connect with the anti-diet community online?

What can you do after being around people who trigger you?

Do you often go to look at her and you catch her watching you, only to see her quickly turn away in embarrassment?And so when you think about it, there's almost nowhere that this is more important than how you push yourself in online dating. Once you know who you are going after and how you can authentically meet their needs in a way that is mutually beneficial, then you can tell your story. Couples therapist and plus-size dating coach Krista Niles joins us to discuss statistics and misconceptions about body size and romantic relationships, how to navigate dating after being in a relationship with someone who says cruel things about your body, great strategies for creating a dating profile, what to do if you’re struggling to find a therapist, and so much more!Krista is a strong believer in the transformative power of love, and experienced firsthand the stuckness, discouragement, and hopelessness that can accompany dating as a plus-size woman.Through the Curvy Cupid Course, she teaches a step-by-step intentional approach to dating that encourages perseverance and nurtures confidence skills -- even within a deeply flawed system of fatphobia and poorly-designed dating apps. What are some strategies for coping when you are surrounded by people who are immersed in diet culture? How can you call out diet culture in those moments?

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