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][etsyid=92519900: Pretty in Pink takes on new meaning for spring, especially in pastels and sexy sheers.][etsyid=77361044: Wear a mint green dress for fresh style every spring day, chewing gum not necessary.][etsyid=93905622: The pastel trend can put you to bed too.Victor was the dominant figure in the record and phonograph market in the early 1900s. The second example is a 10" record which was called the Victor Monarch Record. By October 1901 Johnson incorporated as the Victor Talking Machine Company and replaced his name as the manufacturer.

Get your spring trends from their original source of inspiration: Vintage!During the New Deal era the blue eagle label was introduced as part of the National Recovery Act.It was not limited to the garment industry and acted as a symbol that the goods that displayed the emblem were produced under conditions beneficial to the worker, the economy, and the country.The runways spoke for spring and the styles, designs and colors they presented were modern takes on vintage trends.Designers loved 1940s fashion and 1920s clothing a la peplum and drop waist dresses.

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