Bloglines updating

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Specifically, these were: Tiny Tiny RSS One catch with tt-rss is that it's not just an online reader like Bloglines, but software you install and host yourself - or, if you're like me, ask someone else to host for you (word up, Chris).

But Twitter is public, and if someone is questioning or complaining, ignoring it won't make it go away.

After it was announced in September that Bloglines was shutting down (although Chris knew better), I sadly and reluctantly started testing replacements.

So you'd think that the recent announcement that Bloglines will continue after all would send me tearing back, right?

There are also others like Google Reader, Pageflakes, Friend Feed, but I already knew I wasn't interested in those.

My criteria was basically everything I liked about Bloglines - a tool that let me get at the information I wanted to read, rather than getting in the way.

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