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Full disclaimer: I've been given a preproduction unit, and it isn't finished.

(It got a software update yesterday, in fact.) Things could still change by the time the phone is fully released at the end of May; therefore, no rated review from me just yet. What the Key One is, is an ambitious endeavor to recover the brand's reputation.

What I think so far: Typing felt cramped even for my smaller-size fingers, and I made mistakes but I admit I'm still retraining myself after years with virtual keyboards every day (I used to pine for the QWERTY's return).

The short keyboard height is clearly part of the trade-off to keep the Key One from getting too tall.

Now with Black Berry hardware in the hands of TCL, the company behind Alcatel phones, Black Berry has an opportunity to wow buyers with something unique: a premium Android phone with a QWERTY -- rather than virtual -- keyboard.

And Black Berry-branded security software too, of course.

And you can map a long or short press of any key to launch an app or shortcut -- up to 52 of them in total (good luck remembering them all).

The phone will even suggest apps or contacts to pair to, such as "I" for "Instagram," "Y" for "Yelp" and "M" for "Mom."The fingerprint reader is built right into the home button.

Your Black Berry 10 smartphone must be turned on and have network connectivity to receive the message.You might not have the same problem if you use a different grip or if the phone falls in a different place on your hands.I didn't mind the smaller screen overall, and I didn't feel I had to squint to read it.The Key One's physical keyboard is a Black Berry trademark.It has rectangular buttons that are wider than they are tall.

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