Bindingsource not updating database

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Such a method might look something like this: Public Sub Save Changes(table Name As String, data As Data Set) Dim query = "SELECT * FROM " & table Name Using adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(query, "connection string here") Dim builder As New Sql Command Builder(adapter) adapter. Text & ")", ds) ds = db.consulta("departamentos") End Sub Function Save Changes(table Name As String, query As String, data As Data Set) Using adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(query, "Data Source=NOTEBOOK\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=Sys Market; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=admin; Password=XXXXX") Dim builder As New Sql Command Builder(adapter) adapter. Clear() Return ds End Try End Function Dim ds As Data Set = db.consulta("departamentos") Private Sub cad_departamento_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. That gives you limited flexibility but if you're just doing single-table operations then you don't need that added flexibility. Save Changes("departamentos", "INSERT INTO departamentos VALUES('', " & Text Box2.When you use the Binding Source component to bind your data source to a Windows Forms control, you can notify the control that your data source has changed by calling the Reset Bindings method. The following code example demonstrates using the Reset Bindings method to notify a bound control about an update in the data source. using namespace System; using namespace System:: Collections:: Generic; using namespace System:: Component Model; using namespace System:: Data; using namespace System:: Drawing; using namespace System:: Text; using namespace System:: Xml; using namespace System:: Windows:: Forms; using namespace System:: IO; namespace System_Windows_Forms_Update Binding int main() Imports System. Collections Class Form1 Inherits Form ' Declare the objects on the form. Reseting an individual item using Reset Item() worked! Reset Bindings(false); You will have to manually call Reset Bindings() after the data source changes if you use a container that cannot do that on your behalf. I tried the built in mechanism using Property Changed but nothing updated.

First, sorry for my English, i'm from Brazil and i'm trying to write without a translator. I'm developing a software for a supermarket, but i'm having problems with the connection to the database. I'm trying to make all the connections and transactions programmatically (Data Sets, Binding Sources and so). Assuming that, what i see that is missing in your code is for you to pass the new instance of Data Binding Projection to your Db Context(if using 4.2 or to the Object Context if using older versions, i would recommend migrating to 5.0) You need to Attach() the created entities to the context before calling the Save Changes(), i don't see this in your code.The is the way for you to create new records to the database.

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