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They were all, without a doubt, some of the prettiest women in the kingdom."How should we begin, your majesty?

" she asked."Whichever way you choose," he said magnanimously.

Getting down to her knees, she moved up underneath him, facing the forbidden place between his legs directly.

Peering closer despite myself, I saw his manhood actually beginning to emerge, and I averted my gaze again."Ohhh, look," Sari said, touching my arm.

I remembered that it was thick, the flesh a dark, mottled black, and very, very long....

After letting him do this for a sufficient amount of time, she ended their embrace and walked around to his side, stroking his hide as she went, her fingers tracing their way over his body.

They also led in several horses, all of them fine Arabian stallions the like of which I had seen many times before, except for one; he was a truly gigantic horse, larger than any I had ever seen before, being fully five hands taller than any of the others, taller at the shoulder than the head of even the tallest man.

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I couldn't even begin to fathom what was about to occur."Commence," the Sultan said, and one of the women bowed.It wasn't until the replacement of the torches that the other Sultan clapped his hands."Now, for the festivities of the Night!"The jugglers and such filed out, slaves coming in carrying cushions, blankets, bowls, etc.There were also close to twenty mastiffs, two goats, a water buffalo, a boar, a camel, one very small, undoubtedly very young elephant, and a hideous creature the likes of which I had never seen before, which was hairless and gray and had one large horn on its nose.All of the women were pretty, and none of wore more than a simple wrap and a loincloth, except for two, both of them standing near the rear of the hall, both wearing robes and heavy veils to cover their features.

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