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They launched a poster campaign using handcrafted Arabic calligraphy and carefully chosen words, mutilated and stitched back together, just like the victims of FGM.

The words reflect the physical, psychological and social damage.

VIEW THE FIRST SPOT VIEW THE SECOND SPOT In France, two women are victims of domestic violence every 5 minutes.

However, instead of reaching out to support services, many young women are turning to the internet for help - or even worse, not seeking help at all.

VIEW THE AD In Paris only 9 out of 303 metro stations are handicap accessible.

The Paris metro is the least accessible in one in the world.

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Using the tagline 'It Pays to Speak Sport,' the campaign taps into the idea that all sports have a unique language that is both spoken and often only understood by true fans and punters.

This week's guest judge is Jeff Hilts, co-chief creative officer at FCB Toronto. Right from the opening shot I was drawn in by this film.

In fact, it didn't feel like I was watching a film at all.

To give voice to this issue, TOMS has teamed up with French changemakers, The Gucci Gang, and French youth non-profit En Avant Toute(s) to take a stand against youth domestic violence and create safe spaces for young women in France.

Known as the original purpose brand with its One for One concept, TOMS has evolved its model to inspire people to contribute to positive change in their local communities.

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