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After the concert, they made plans to meet again soon and parted ways on the subway.

On the train ride back to his home in Queens, Anthony felt excited and happy.

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And if his endearing personality wasn’t enough, Goodman also had the gift of the gab, peppering his words with the most random, ridiculously funny things that left Anthony in stitches. With an almost perpetual smile on his face, Anthony was easily prone to anything from quiet giggles to loud guffaws.Anthony was a little taken aback by the public display of affection—as a naturally shy guy, kissing in public made him feel “dirty,” in a strange, unexplained way.But with Goodman, Anthony was surprised at how natural and easy it felt.And Anthony was fully aware of the complexities of the “Third Date Rule.” The third date in the process of courtship is often considered to be the “decision point” in a new relationship.Dozens of discussion boards on the Internet run amok with simultaneously nervous and excited people looking for advice on what to do on the third date; and the validity of “Third Date Rule.” Although dismisses the “Third Date Rule” as a mere “dating rule of thumb,” Urban blatantly calls the third date the “sex date: it is the average number of dates until it is deemed proper and acceptable to have sex with a new mate; therefore, the Third Date Rule is the implementation of this theory.” But for Anthony, sex would have to wait until he revealed an important truth about himself.

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