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No additional software is required on the phones or tablets.

How It Works: On a scheduled basis, Epicenter Server synchronizes a copy of the GAL to a contacts folder in each user's mailbox. During installation, you configure Epicenter Server by telling it which address book to distribute, who should receive the address book, and how often to send updates.

The Problem: Your smartphones and tablets easily sync with a user's Outlook Contacts folder, but there is no built-in way to sync the GAL (Global Address List) to employees' phones, or to sync a Public Folder containing contacts.I spent 3 hours trying to find out why this was happening (I assumed it was configuration and/or IIS authentication related).All my virtual directories and URLs were fine, and the OAB was being generated fine without any issues. I couldn’t find any references of this occurring to other users.This means that address book entries saved by users rapidly become out of date.The Solution: Epicenter Server gives your users their own local copy of the corporate address book.

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