Benefits of dating older

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Older men are financially healthier, which equates to a healthier overall relationship.Forever, men dating younger women have been socially acceptable.He knows he’s already bragging about the most beautifully manicured lawn on the block.Yes, you’re an independent woman, and yes, you can buy your own drinks, sushi, clothes, etc…So, if you’ve had bad luck in dating, I guess I’m wondering – have you stopped to think that maybe it’s time to check a new pool (*cough* older men) in order to find that elusive Mr. Men in their 40s are the best kept secret for any millennial woman looking for a serious man who will actually check off all the boxes.

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Dating older men turned out to be the answer to my dating problems, and this changeover solved every dating frustration.School, work, finances, goals, life – and there’s just so much happening in this pinnacle time in their lives that relationships seem to be a secondary priority – or not a priority at all.A smart, successful, confident man with goals and aspirations will always be an appealing choice, but being a priority is even more appealing.Men are not even questioning why their friends are attracted to younger women, it’s totally normal.When a woman dates a younger man, however, suddenly we have lost our damn minds!

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