Benefits of dating a tall guy Belv xxx

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But there are also some things to think about before dating a tall guy, because nothing is ever perfect, after all.

And let's be real here: Every relationship involves compromise of some sort.

Ok, so there may be a few disadvantages to having a 6ft 9 boyfriend. He’ll always eat more than you do So you don’t have to worry about eating like a pig any more, hurrah! He can let you know when your roots need doing He’s always looking down on you so he’s the best person to tell you when you are having a bad hair day. You will never lose him in Oxford Street It’s practically impossible. He is best person to take to a concert On his shoulders you can see the whole thing and no one will be in your way. You don’t have to deal with little man syndrome We all know that guy who has it.

There’s only so many times you can hear ‘OMG, your boyfriend is so tall! But having a lanky boyfriend is actually the ultimate life hack. Watch the people behind you part like the Red Sea too! You don’t need to join a gym Trying to keep up with those long strides is a workout in itself.

In fact it’s probably harder to come up with reasons why it could be a bad thing.

Tall people are given a leg-up in childhood, the workplace, social settings and oh so many other places. Getting that lengthy body going will require more calories than it would for a shorter person.

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