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Average daddy is 39, and average baby is 27,” he said.And it’s something of a myth too that this is a phenomenon of the Internet age, as evidenced by the abundance of “stripping-through-college” memoirs.So tone deaf was the billboard that Texas resident Smith Getterman thought the ad was a dark joke when he passed it on a Friday drive through Austin.“Isn't it essentially advertising prostitution?It paints such a sad picture and seems needlessly cruel.But Arrangement Finders’ new ad campaign, which features a Latina woman in front of a Mexican flag, pushes even further. ” the billboard, located on a South Austin highway asks.“Before you get deported, get a sugar daddy.” The last two words are emphasized in glittery font.

“In the case of Arizona State University, more than 60 percent of the students polled said they could see themselves having a sugar daddy,” says Wade.

The punchline, the billboard implies, is that the presidential election has made a vulnerable population even more vulnerable to deportation, and more likely to turn to sex work as a means of security.

Arrangement Finders rented the billboard space “in response to Donald Trump's promise to deport all 11 million of the nation’s undocumented immigrants,” Jacob Webster, the company’s CMO told CBS Austin.

American immigration is not as simple as finding a wealthy internet benefactor and coasting into marriage and citizenship after President Trump’s promised “deportation force” leaves town.

Just ask Melania Trump, whose complicated immigration saga reveals the hurdles even an allegedly wealthy man’s wife must clear to obtain a green card.

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