Ben gibbard dating history

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Running for me is very much a spiritual practice at this point. Ultra runners fall into maybe two or three categories.

certainly don't think that you need to run as far as I do to achieve a level of enlightenment. There is the lifelong track and field, cross country, star athletes who get bored with shorter distances and find it.

But at the same time, one thing that running ultra marathons doesn't necessarily give you is balance. I mean something that I've spoken with other artists about is, especially in your music, a lot of it can be very emotional and some people feel like they need to drink in order to tap into that space.

It's a vulnerable act to be onstage and sharing basically your diary to an audience.

I kind of had a moment where you know I went on a bender and then on the flight home from that bender told myself, 'I can't do this anymore... I should just have a drink and then go home.' And then it was in the morning and I'm stumbling home trying to get my keys in my door.

I woke up the next morning and was like, 'Not only can I just not...

If I'm working on a song and I'm hitting a wall and then the next day I go for a three or four hour run the mountains...

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And it wasn't that I was worried I was gonna slip back into drinking if I wasn't running.

I've lost the ability to control this and also we have a record coming out in a couple of months...' – which was the record 'Narrow Stairs' – and I just realized there was no way I could continue with this behavior into the next album cycle or someone was going to throw me into a rehab program or something.

And being kind of stubborn and prideful, I wanted to be the one that cut it off rather than had somebody tell me. How did you find running and what did running feel like to you?

You started running marathons and then ultra marathons.

Can you talk about where you were in 2007, 2008 in terms of your relationship with alcohol and then the recovery that you found in running?

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