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As some of you may know, we had a pretty ambitious agenda for the Easter luncheon: transport about 20 lbs.of ingredients and equipment to Carson and back, make tamales, rice, beans, cheesy pies, 2 kinds of cookies, goodie bags filled with socks and inspirational messages, decorate 7 tables, coordinate a small village of volunteers, figure out how to use industrial kitchen equipment, have a go at new recipes and untried methods, apologize, then suck it up and hope that the food turned out OK and doesn’t make everyone sick.

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Something in me wants to teach the kid, make him understand how to play around with the computer himself. It’s that awareness in the forefront of my mind that keeps me walking on eggshells.

I wondered how many of these Ladies are mothers or grandmothers.

Ironically, on that one day we got the least amount of ladies since we started serving lunch: 36. Before we left, of course we gathered in a circle to reflect on the service.

When the food was served, it wasn’t as loud as usual. I’m still not sure how to interpret that, but I suppose it’s more comforting personally to think that it’s because they were hungry and the food was pretty good. One volunteer reminded me of how Easter is a time of renewal, and for many of the Ladies, the Center is their source for starting over again — not just in the sense that it provides lots of social resources, but the community we all find there I think is the most important part.

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