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Antivirus software is commonly updated via webupdates, which can be tens of megabytes.If you prefer not to download the software, then how will you be updating the antivirus software.Get your computer to do the work for you; let him do the checking with a scheduled task. tag=content Main;content Bodybe sure to give more details, eg;1] Which AVG, the free version or the paid version.2] What version AVG?Technology is always changing, and if the antivirus requires an update, Norton will make an update for the issue and release it to their customers when it is available.

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If you are using the micro antivirus software, you may be curious about whether or not it provides real-time updates.URL where you can find more info: Dan Schenker This is an important task and updating antiviruses constantly because these antivirus companies are always updated about new virus and malware attacks and they made special tag lines or changes in the antivirus software that makes our data safeguard from that exact virus or malware so it it important to update antiviruses constantly.snaptube How often you run antivirus software depends on how much time you are on the web and the number of "unknown" sites you visit.Worth noting is the FREE VERSION is run on fewer servers and those can go down at times.It's a hoot to read complaints from the FREE VERSION users about the down servers but I find the reinstall usually clears this up as well as giving it a week for the servers to come back.

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