Athiest dating christian girl

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Probably your experience is fairly limited to USA, where there are so many religious people. I can't ever remember asking a date what her religion was or being asked what my religion was. I am sure you are all aware of this, but being an atheist seems to dramatically reduce the dating pool.When I met wife she was a Catholic, but not a serious one. Those of you dating or in a relationship with/married to another atheist, how did you meet your partner?It wasn't a problem for us and she drifted away completely from the Church, especially when she "sinned" by being divorced and then marrying me, an atheist divorcee, she would prolly have been excommunicated anyway! Aside from forums such as this, there isn't much in terms of atheist community to better ones odds of finding a compatable partner.I really wouldn't care if whether if she was an atheist or christian or any other religion.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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