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The Dream Lodge is an experience that dissolves prejudices and frees us to once again celebrate that pure instinctual energy we all possess.

Through ancient mule rituals we re-awaken the vitality and wholeness of Spirit most of us have suppressed or squandered for years.

These guys got on the speak¬ er (Willie Brown) to find out what happened to Hughes. Lou Sheldon of the Tradition¬ al Values Coalition “unprece¬ dented in American Constitu¬ tional law since the days of le¬ galized slavery.” Smith announced at a June 24 news conference that he has asked state Attorney Gen¬ eral Daniel Lundgren for a le¬ gal opinion regarding the ini¬ tiative’s effect on San Francis¬ co’s lesbian and gay rights legislation.

He got on the phone and found out that she was back home attending to the birth of her first grandchild. The gay community should give them one huge thank you.” Hughes was back in Sacra¬ mento and at the committee to cast her “yes” vote on Tuesday. Marcus.123 Obituaries .34 Out There.90 Personal Classified .... Smith said that he hoped the proposal would not quali¬ fy for the ballot, but that if it did, he promised to “file suit immediately to keep this dan¬ gerous and clearly unconstitu¬ tional provision off the bal¬ lot.” The Sheldon initiative is a proposed constitutional amendment that was filed with the Attorney General’s Office on June 14 for prepara¬ tion as a ballot initiative in the upcoming November elec¬ tion.

I understand this is a gift and I arn under absolutely no obligation. In the Bay Area call (415) 488-8866, outside of (lie Bay Area call (800) 484-2468 today, or use this convenient coupon. M MM MM MM MM 1 MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM — — — — — MMI — — MM MM MM MM J BAY AREA REPORTER JUNE 27, 1991 PAGE 3 Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Groups ♦ HIV/AIDS ♦Relationships ♦ Success ♦ Compulsions ♦ Sexuality ♦ Self-Esteem ♦Transitions ♦Health ♦ Personal Growth ♦ Grief Fees on sliding scale (415) 255-7346 Blue Shield of California Provider San Francisco Quit smoking.

address zip telephone THE DREAM LODGE 484 l ake Park Avenue, Suite 32, Oakland, CA 94610 Dept. American Heart

According to one source, “The bill’s author, Terry Friedman, Vasconcellos and John Burton are real heroes. UPDATE: Recent treatment developments and breakthroughs. HOTLINE: 558 *0051 SEWER & DRAIN CLEANING PLUMBING SERVICE AND REPAIR 495 - IMMEDIATE 7 DAY 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Arlo Smith Challenges Sheldon's Anti-Gay Initiative by Nancy Boutilier District Attorney Arlo Smith called the constitution¬ al initiative filed by the Rev.

Paul Wotman, attorney for William Kiley, filed the suit in Santa Clara Superior Court seeking damages under Cali¬ fornia’s Hate Crimes Statute, which provides a ,000 penalty for a hate crime com¬ mitted against someone be¬ cause of their sexual orienta¬ tion.

The suit also seeks dam¬ ages for assault and battery and punitive damages.

One staffer observed, “Somebody needs to ask Sheldon whether he’s taken a pass on the commandment that forbids bearing false wit¬ ness.” Before the vote the atmo¬ sphere in the hearing room was tense. 116 Sports & Fitness.108 State News.15 Wayne Friday.8 This Paper in Three Sections Bankruptcy If you have more debts than you can handle we can help. The proposal reads as fol¬ lows: “No statute or ordi¬ nance may take effect, or re¬ District Attorney Arlo Smith main in effect, which either makes homosexuality or bi¬ sexuality a civil right or pro¬ hibits discriminatory conduct based upon homosexuality or bisexuality unless it is submit¬ ted and approved by a two- thirds vote or the electors in question.” Smith said that the initia¬ tive “would, in effect, rescind all existing legal protections to lesbians and gay men in California” and “create a con¬ stitutionally recognized sec¬ ond-class status of citizens — homosexuals and bisexuals.” Smith denounced the peo¬ ple “who believe they have the market cornered on tradi¬ tional values in this state” by pointing out that “there is nothing traditional — or valu¬ able — about a constitutional amendment which would deny any of our citizens equal protection under the law.” Smith went on to say that ‘ 4 there is nothing traditional— or valuable — about a society which tells the bigots of this world that it’s OK to fire someone, or refuse to sell them a home, or refuse to grant them the same rights and dignity as any other citi¬ zen, simply on the basis of sexual orientation.” Quoting from Abraham Lincoln’s recognition that “the price of liberty is eternal vig¬ ilance,” Smith concluded that he could think of “no greater evidence for the need of our continued vigilance than this extremist, dangerous Sheldon initiative.” (Continued on page 37) Recognition To celebrate Gay Pride Week the Lesbian and Gay Employee Association at Levi Strauss mounted this exhibit in the lobby of Levi Plaza.

Laurie Mc Bride and Alan Lofaso of the Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality (LIFE) were pacing up and down the tiered room, alighting here and there for whispered moments of con¬ sultation. Retrospective Highlights of 20 years of the Bay Area Reporter are featured in our annual Gay Pride Section. Law Offices of AUGUST BULLOCK 558-9222 Free Consultation Convenient Civic Center Location FREE YOURSELF From Unwanted Hair Permanently JOHN FRI23EELL REGISTERED ELECTROIOGIST ! It focuses on such areas as gay symbols, Harvey Milk, Stonewall and the Gay Games.

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