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It took me an embarrassingly long time to learn, which I eventually did from podcasts I listened to and videos I watched on You Tube, that women can masturbate. I was taught that they , from a moral standpoint, be pleasuring themselves and are missing out on a joy of life if they aren't.

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There, I’d had the woefully inadequate type of sexual education where one learns all the reasons abstinence is ideal and then learns, much later, from a pop song’s lyrics or a television show's jokes, more details about what sex entails.Ashley Kleczka is a non-binary illustrator and game dev with an interest in fantasy, video games, and sitting down with a good book.They generally identify as greysexual and bi-romantic; a status that their now-husband is very accepting and supportive of.Until I was almost twenty-four years old, I found myself still trying to solve the puzzles of sexuality.I was especially trying to figure out where in the picture I might fit.

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