Are rob pattinson and nikki reed dating

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Here’s a complete list of Robert Pattinson’s past relationships and present relationship status.One of Robert’s earliest relationship was with a German model, Nina Schubert.

However, this particular rumour was never confirmed or denied, just ignored.

Robert Pattinson, previously dated French singer, actress and songwriter – Soko.

Here’s a fun fact about the pair, a few years after So Ko and Robert broke up, she later dated one of his most popular exes, Kristen Stewart. Unlike Robert’s other relationships, Jessica is not an actress, singer or celebrity.

However, she is an old friend and their relationship was never actually confirmed; it’s just a rumour that popped up when the two seemed to get closer in 2012.

Also in 2012, Robert Pattinson was believed to be in a relationship with the pop icon and musician extraordinaire – Katy Perry.

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