Are dating preferences wrong

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Collectively, it’s as if these articles are a plea to white/cis/able-bodied people, made in hopes that simply telling them how they are racist/transphobic/ableist will force them to stop being who they are.

These articles, as well-reasoned and intentioned as they usually are (I have long acknowledged that if your politics end at your bedroom door, they’re not your politics) rely on the premise that white/able-bodied/cis people have no idea that they are racist, ableist or transphobic.

Zuckerberg, as well as Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, stressed that the feature is designed to spark meaningful connections—not help you find your next hookup.

But the reality is even Facebook doesn’t know yet how it will be widely used, if at all.

I just also know that they are rewarded for choosing to do nothing about their racist thoughts and desires, and so I expect nothing more.

Similarly, I know that before I committed to unpacking my own participation in fatphobic violence, for instance, I made excuses for the things I did to contribute to it.

Even if the pleas underlying these articles were successful, getting a racist white person to finally date a Black person is no better than focusing on the problem of being racist.

I knew that I had issues with fat people long before I admitted that’s why I didn’t want to date them.

And the fact that people were engaging my “preferences” as if my way of thinking was valid enough to have to explain, slowly, over and over and over again, what I already knew, made not acknowledging my own fatphobia that much easier.

The scientific fact that whom and what you’re attracted to is political and influenced by society is indisputable, and putting it up for debate only encourages the same disingenuity I clung to for so long.

It’s hard not to immediately notice that Dating looks eerily similar to predominant existing dating apps, like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble.

Which means that in one sense, Facebook is again looking for success through imitation.

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