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Not the effect of chance but proof of necessity We need more street sellers in Amsterdam, in Berlin, in Paris, in Stockholm,in Rome, in Madrid, in Mexico City, in Washington DC etc. England can only be regenerated as part of a world evolutionary process Page top manifestos: Bill Levy. Rainrainrain.mistmistmistthickmistwheres the road Hell. Large city on the leftlights.lightslights Cats eyes..swooshtanker sprays me with crap.. it30 May 3 - 16 1968: IT discovers offset litho printing...it20 Oct 27 - Nov 9 1967: Consenting Adults The IT Boys; UFO club dies; Editorial discusses the legality of cannabis; Ezra Pounds wartime speeches; How good are your orgasms? Experimental layout consisting of a series of two page spreads mapping out the alternative scene.Bill Adys American Trojan Mare in Gangtok Sikkim (part 2); Jean Straker, FUN tremendous FUN; John Taylor will the Fletcher Case go to the Human Rights Commission? Thompsons Hells Angels; list of principal contents of earlier IT issues (1-20) . Poem and drawing by George Herms; Brion Gysin; Julian Beck and The Living Theatre; Magical Mystery Tour full page ad; Sex, Money and Action in a Supplementary Society Julian Beck; John Peels Perfumed Garden column; Interview with Steve Abrams of SOMA re. 15, 1967; Maharishi Yogi interview; half page ad for Velvet Underground; half page ad for Christmas at Kensington Christmas at Kensington = Xmas On Earth with Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Who / The Animals / The Move / Pink Floyd /Soft Machine; Marc Petros, Stella [sic] Magnetism Affects You; ad for Worlds first psychedelic calendar; International news from Havana, America, Edinburgh, Washington, Berlin, Australia, Japan - Other Scenes by John Wilcock from Tokyo Harry Fainlight - Reversed Adam; Something for Everyone at the Tate by Pamela Joline; Raymond Durgnat - Understanding Kinkery; N. Diggers; Arthur Brown in Black Magic movie; Picture of Brion Gysin; picture from the Flight to Lowlands Paradise (Utrecht, The Netherlands); Does Pornography Matter? Tiredsleeppull into lay-by.light joint.lights behind us.someone else parking.the joint Van door opens Hallo, Were County Police. as well as Scandinavia; Fillimore (sic), Diggers etc.; Leicester; Ad for OZ benefit concert; Ads for Pink Floyd, Alexis Korner, Free, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Zoot Money, Spice, Broomdusters, Fairport Convention, Flame, Occasional Word Ensemble, Slyde, Tangerine, Blossom Toes, Musical Electronica , Viva, Captain Beefheart, Flue Girl, Killing Flood, Memphis Leather, Jade, Hexogram, New Mythology, Vamp (Ex- Sam Gopals Dream) at Middle Earth; Ad for Gandalf's Garden Magical Sunday at Middle Earth with T. UK: 1/6, Paris: Free; BIT Information Service; Tribe Time The Eternal Yoni; John Peels Perfumed Garden; Michael X; German Art Interview with Jacques Tarnero, a member of The March 22 Movement Nanterre University; Psychedelic art; Hurdy Gurdy; Review of Michael Abdul Malik's book; Announcement of "The First Holiness Kitschgarden for the Liberation of Love and Peace in Colours", organized by Lahoblobloe (Let Hundred Flowers Bloom) in The Hague on June 14 and 15, 1968; Tilo Keil; Dutschke; Ads for the Incredible String Band at the Royal Albert Hall; Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, The Action, Deviants, People Show, Pegasus and the People Show, King Ida's Watch Chain, The Battered Ornaments, Brian Auger and the Trinity (with Julie Driscoll), Blonde on Blonde, Spooky Tooth, The Fusion, Tribe of the Sacred Mushroom at Middle Earth; *IT workers ad hoc committee: C-ordination: Robert Tasher; Words: Peter Stansill; Kip Gallagher; Images/Layout: Graham Keen; Business: Dave Hall.; Nemo, Science and Non-Science.; to whom it concerns big set of quotations from Buckminster Fuller, J. Ads: Middle Earth Club, Granny Takes A Trip Boutique, Kleptomania Boutique, "Vacuum Cleaner" by Tintern Abbey...." Picture of the Rolling Stones in Nazi uniforms; The General System of Man/Universe Relationship; Ad for Sean Phillips at Arts Lab; Ad for Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacobs Ladder Construction Co., John Peel; Danny Lane's Electric String Band, Alexis Korner, Pegasus, Jeff Dexter, Pretty Things, Chris Mc Gregor Sextet and The Electric Prunes on various dates at Middle Earth; Ad for Ilene Astrahan at Arts Lab. 20pp it22.5 New Year 1968: This issue conceived by Mal Dean. Rex, Hapshash & Coat, John Peel; - 16 pp.it32 May 31 - June 13 1968: Paris Free issue! Other activity (Board of Trustees.): Jim Haynes / Jack Henry Moore / Michael Henshaw / Miles / Bill Levyit33 June 14 - 27: Front and rear page open into poster illustration- Flight of The Bethlehem Star: A Space Poem Revealed by Michael English; Aleister Crowley The Golden Dawn by Kenneth Grant; The Constant Flux news from around the world; Guerilla Pop by Mick Farren (The Deviants..); article by Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Whos Afraid of Icarus?

Pancras Town Hall; Roland Kirk at Ronnie Scotts; Karma boutique opens; - 1s; 12ppit2 Oct 31 Nov 13 1966: Yoko Ono; Report on the IT launch party at The Roundhouse - Pink Floyd / Soft Machine / Paul Mc Cartney etc; Ezra Pounds unpublished wartime broadcasts on Radio Rome containing his highly controversial views. Broadside sheet featuring the text of "The Invisible Generation", and a photograph by Antony Balch of William Burroughs on the telephone. Huff; Jean Jaques Lebel: French Letter.it6 16 - : William Burroughs "The Invisible Generation (Continued)", the second appearance of this text (following the IT poster half-issue no.5.5).; Norman Mailer on Vietnam War ; Allen Ginsberg; Cerebral Cortex.

Ad: Bristol Arts Centre A call from papers being printed Thurs morningarrange transport Phone Bill, what weight is it mate? Transit arrangedit will mean overloading but what the hell My fault if it goes wrong.. Pink Floyd free in Hyde Park in the Afternoon and The Nice in concert in the Evening.

(Blackhill Enterprises.-Half Page Week-end Ticket-2.00) Pyramid Perspectives; Copenhagen news - 20 pp At Hornsey a microcosm of society changed totally, the people who took over had to challenge the inner organisation, to change its relationships with the outside world, and to change themselves.

Led to complaints from his estate in IT 3.; The Living Theatres Frankenstein script; William Burroughs film script Towers Open Fire; Robert Fraser Gallery; Open letter from Peter Brook (of the RSC) to Charles Mairowitz, followed by his reply; Morton Feldman; Man of Grass - George Andrews, see IT 3 for comment on this drug piece; Interpot Report No 3; Underground Film Festival Supplement - run-down of underground movies of the time including Emile de Antonio, Ray Durgnat, Andrew Meyer and Dutch Provo films and London Film Makers Co-Op; Andrew Meyer - US filmmaker; Kim Fowley Portrait of a Freak; Censorship and/or Pornography; cartoon strip by Jeff Nuttall (Sodall), Berlins Living Theatre; Stockholm's Fylkingenit3 Nov 14 - 27 1966: William Burroughs first appearance of The Invisible Generation 1) - continued in IT 5.5 and IT6; Ray Durgnat -Rubber with Violence ; interview with Morton Feldman; American War Crimes in Vietnam by Bertrand Russell; ad for Yoko Ono exhibit at the Jeanette Cochrane Theatre; ad for Merce Cunningham and John Cage at the Saville Theatre; US composer Morton Feldman interview, and Pink Floyd; Pat Jones, Poets in Public Vs The Arts Council; Seedy Bee cartoon strip by Criton Tomazos (Jeff Nuttall ); Julio Le Parc. An offset reprint from International Times #3, produced and distributed by International Times after Trocchi's request for a contribution from Burroughs to his Sigma Portfolio was not forthcoming.it4 Nov 28th Dec 11 1966: Mastheads by Marijke Koger (of The Fool) despite the constraints of letterpress, IT is turning psychedelic.....; Dick Gregory interview; John Taylor, The Fletcher Case. Miles' Paul Mc Cartney interview, transcribed from a taped conversation in which they discuss fame, spirituality, drugs, and electronic music (considered to be the first rock interview in IT, though preceded by the self-publicising Kim Fowley interview, "Portrait of a Freak" in issue no.2); ads for Granny Takes A Trip, Hung On You, and UFO club.it7 Jan 30 - Feb 12 1967: Arrest the Home Secretary the Fletcher Case; Outer / Inner space issue; 'Hendrix is Here to Stay' and 19 according to his press handout; Allen Ginsberg: Public Solitude an address on LSD delivered at Boston, 1966 (two pages); UFO underground event; and UFO's - ''Flying saucers as a portent of the revelations which will attend the opening of the Aquarian age by John Michell; South Africa; Moscow; Provo White women plan; Vietnam; Chet Helms (Avalon Ballroom) in London; Mushroom (Danish Music scene); Hare Krishna; Censorship; Ad for Timothy Learys Psychedelic Prayers; Interpot;; John Wilcocks- Other Scenes; Munich Newsletter, A Liverpool story by Brian Patten; Traverse Theatre Company; Censorship/erotica by Alex Gross, Paul Francis; Interpot drug report by Bradley Martin; Physiodelics by Jeff Nuttall featuring Seedy Bee; A War Story by Bill Butler; A Scottish Soldier by Tom & Maureen Mc Grath; Halliwell Done by Michael Kustow about The Experiment; Ads for Indica books and the Poet Speak Festival 2 with Stevie Smith, Mike Horovitz, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Patten, Alan Sillitoe.

Alexander Trocchi and Sigma; anti-Vietnam demos; happenings in Amsterdam; Alternative Moscow, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, India, Rome, New York; Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Beatniks of Berlin; Kenneth Coutts-Smith, Takis: Safari into the invisible: Takis at the Indica; reviews of Albert Ayler, Fahrenheit 451, guide to Soho strip clubs; cartoon strip: Jeff Nuttall (Jeff Farkall); ad for Pink Floyd at the Round House. Editor: Tom Mc Grath; Asst Ed: David Mairowitz; News Editor: Maureen Mc Grath; Art Editor: Mike Mcernnery; Operations: Peter Stansill Co-workers: Christine Uren; Nigel Samuel; Janet Morris; Chris Rowley; Geordie Redpath; Emergencies: Ian Iachimoe Editorial Board: Tom Mc Grath; James Jesper; Michael Henshaw; John Hopkins; Milesit8 Feb 13 - 26 1967: Editors letters: Tom Mc Grath and David Mairowitz address their respective approaches...

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