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Jackie and Darlene discuss celebrating the upcoming holidays, their first without Roseanne.At his family's urging, Dan reluctantly attends a grief support group; Geena insists Mary attend church after learning D. has not taken her in two years; Mark and Jackie poll mall patrons about the election. To Dan's dismay, she intends to raise the baby without the father, Emilio, her co-worker at the restaurant.Darlene asks Ben to give Mark piano lessons then objects to his aggressive teaching style.Dan and Jackie try to convince Becky that Emilio would be a good father to their baby.Darlene begins dating again and decides it is time for her and David to divorce.

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Darlene unexpectedly meets David's girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis), at Mark's parent-teacher conference.After an ICE raid on a number of restaurants, Dan fears the worst when Emilio is absent from work.On May 29, 2018, ABC cancelled Roseanne despite initially renewing it for an eleventh season, following remarks made by Roseanne Barr, who starred as Roseanne Conner, on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to Barack Obama. On June 21, 2018, it was announced that ABC had officially ordered a 10-episode spin-off tentatively titled The Conners, and that it would involve every cast member except Barr.Darlene finds out anyway and is angry at Becky, unleashing Becky's long-held resentment over her sister's absence when her husband, Mark, died.Dan's old high school friend, Louise, is romantically interested in him, though he is not yet ready to move on after losing Roseanne. when he is too sick to work at his vending-machine service job.

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