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Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake.

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Then he paid it off a second time and asked me to do the same thing again which I did. Never asked for money but I have only known him a week. I have similar experiences with everyone else on this site. We have not met but he claims I am his soulmate and he is in love with me. He claims to be from Sweden and an architect, 58 years old. So far he has not asked for money but claimed to have an accident and lost his wallet in Turkey. Please let me know if you know anyone similar to mine.

Then he calls me again and hands his phone to Chris. Claims God brought us together, that's the way it should be. I've been sending him Bible quotes every single day. He's even asked me to take out a loan in order to help him, and he will pay me back triple. You are not a loser, if anything he is the loser because he lost out on having someone wonderful in his life.

He stole my heart, but I just can't believe its for real. Lol It is very hurtful for someone to reel you in, then find out the relationship was built on you sending him money!! I went through the same thing after coming from a very bad abusive relationship I just wanted companionship.

His profile pic is one of motivational speaker Grant Cardone. Just found out about pictures matching grant today. He started talking to me on instagram than got me to join hangout, he said he was from Canada but in Syria on peacekeeping missions. I am at the point now that I turn it around on them and ask them for a hand out!

This is an evolving situation but I think she has given him a lot of money already. He sent me pictures of Grant Cardone saying that he changed his name. Chatted bit then got to request of itune, uber cards. He is very sweet and sounds sincere, first he asked for 00 said he needed it for daughters hospital treatment, when I said I didn’t have it than asked for i Tune cards as soon as he asked for the money I knew it was a con but he got my Mobil number before he asked for money now he is trying to hack my Facebook, I’m still talking to him to try and flush out more info on him. Hi, I have been talking to a man named Ian Allen Johnson who says he's from Texas but is an engineer and is working on a contract for drilling off the Gulf of Mexico. Has twin girls that are 7, his wife left him when they were young. dark blond hair and glasses, good-looking, smarter My guy went from fb to Hangouts also. One daughter in boarding school, wife died from breast cancer. In all seriousness do not be fooled by these con men!

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