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Jon and Al, best friends and clowns, from Long Island.Jon, 40, works as a "human cannonball" for the circus; Al, 34, is an ex-circus clown who now works as a substitute teacher with occasional cruise-ship clowning on the side. Kelly, 30, is a model; Jon, 28, is a real estate agent.

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Monica, 29 and a mother of two, was an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader; Sheree, 31, has three children.

From TV Guide: Teams must endure a 26-hour ride on a hot, filthy train.

From Dish: One team tries to dismiss the insults of another team; teams face a 26-hour ride in hot train cars.

I really hope they don't make it to the end, but I have a feeling they will. They sort of surprised me how well they worked together on screen the last leg. Team Implants have a shot of positivity which should help them.

I'm not pulling for the virgins, but they haven't done anything vindictive to deserve the rassing that they get from K & J. I'm also not sure how R & C got the nickname chipendales... interesting leg 6 show and looking forward to leg 7. I started out really liking Kelly and Jon, but she's really grated on me over the last few episodes. Speaking of Millie, I love the brief exchange she had with Chuck as they were getting on the train in India. What a stark contrast in teammates--she plowed right in yelling for Chuck to follow and he just stood there. This last episode was the first time I wasn't annoyed by either of them.

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