Am not interested dating

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Its our first relationship for the both of us and we're trying to make the best of it. All of my girlfriends have started out as friendships and grown into more.

Haha it took me forever to tell her how I really felt towards her but I'm glad that she was the one who said yes. I haven't really been on formal dates more than a handful of times unless you count dinners and things after you are already a couple. Dating has become culturalized as a type of "game" and it's one that i'm entirely unwilling to play.

Either because they didn't have any relationship or because they had mediocre or bad relationships.

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Most of those kinds of dates I've gone on have been too loaded with weird expectations to really get to know the other person at all.Even the few times I've enjoyed going on those kinds of dates with a person, we ended up not really being compatible.So in my experience, by far the best way to find a mate is just to have fun with your friends and be open to meeting new people.Honestly when I hear girl friends describe dates/meeting guys I envy them.The way they describe them just seems amazing compared to what I as a man have to go through, I'm astounded by how they can just reject guys willy nilly and still have guys proposition them.

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