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"Arlen Group is a successful, well-established firm that has earned a reputation for delivering highly effective solutions that meet employee benefits needs while controlling employer costs.The addition of Roger Arlen, Bret Goodman, and the Arlen Group consulting team provides Alliant with forward-thinking benefits experts who have built a company known for its strategic expertise, commitment to innovative technology, and personalized service." Roger Arlen said that joining his firm with Alliant will provide Arlen Group with new and expanded resources, market relationships, and a broad range of specialized services that will enhance the value delivered to clients.Alliant is the 12th largest insurance brokerage firm in the U. They understand that an effective Professional Management Liability Insurance Program means more than just words on a page.

To accomplish that, try performing a restorative ritual that symbolizes the end of the workday and the start of your personal time.

Attend a class at the gym after work, listen to upbeat music on our commute home, or meditate in the car for 10 minutes before entering your home environment.

Set firm boundaries with work so that clients don’t encroach on your leisure time.

It can mean your reputation so each program is Additionally, as program administrator, Alliant provides outstanding customer service with a dedicated customer service team, a state of the art phone and email ticketing response system, trusted legal advisors, and their long standing relationship with the trusted insurance carrier.

Alliant provides property and casualty, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, surety, and financial products and services to more than 26,000 clients nationwide, including public entities, tribal nations, healthcare, energy, law firms, real estate, construction, and other industry groups. Toll Free: (855) 279-AIHA Fax: 703-397-0995 Office Hours: M-F, am – 5pm EST Email: [email protected] Line: Your Inquiry – Your Name Body: Your policy number Your question Mail: Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

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