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i dont know how important her faith is to her but should i give it a shot? When it comes to a non-mormon dating their daughter though, they kinda change, its a very radical thing for them to even think of, unless I agree to convert.The parents usually want to send their daughters to BSU where they will then marry a man who has just returned from his mission.The one i dated was a jack mormon, although she was at church literally all day on sundays, she also did weird **** like baptisms for the dead that kinda freaked me out.But she never tried to convert me and knew I was agnostic, although I know for a fact she wouldnt marry someone who wasnt mormon.There may be fewer options overall, but the best ones always stand out and they never creep up behind me in a dance club. Any advice for making faith or spirituality a priority in dating? she likes me and we might hook up, but i know that there are lot of things they are forbid to do, obviously sex being the worst.her husband has beer every night, is a total liberal and a prof. her father still tries to talk to me about Mormon beliefs, but I think he knows there's no hope, since his daughter is definitely NOT a mormon and her sister (also adopted) married a black guy, who he was unable to convert. " What I'm saying is, if this girl doesn't already think for herself... mormonism although not great really isnt that bad because everyone is so lax about it.

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My girlfriends and I still frequent the bars and clubs where male attention is practically up for grabs, but with minimal potential for a serious relationship.

By learning these guidelines and keeping an open mind, you'll be closer to having a meaningful relationship with the person you're dating.

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