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The audit profile used by GCE should be used as reference by admins constructing their own audit profiles.Audit backends persist audit events to an external storage.

For more information on how to take your coding career to the next level and prove your worth as a CPMA®, click here.This is because the API object serves different use cases. Currently, this feature has performance implications for the apiserver in the form of increased cpu and memory usage.The policy will continue to evolve to serve more use cases. Once the API server has determined a request should be sent to a audit sink webhook, it needs to know how to contact the webhook. Here is an example of a webhook configured to call a URL (and expects the TLS certificate to be verified using system trust roots, so does not specify a ca Bundle):. This should be nominal for a small number of sinks, and performance impact testing will be done to understand its scope before the API progresses to beta.The current backend implementations include logs files and webhooks.Each request can be recorded with an associated “stage”.

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