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What's funny is when I met her, she told me she went to school to be a firefighter, and I used to be a firefighter for the EMT in Ohio. They were only supposed to be in New York for a few days, but we hung out and we swapped numbers. I called her a few months down the road when I knew things were kind of serious. and here's what she does." She said, "Oh my god, I thought you were going to tell me she's pregnant or something." She was like, "That's fine, I don't care about that." What about your friends? I have some friends who say, "Dude, that is so cool," and then I have other friends who are like, "You know what, you found a girl who really cares about you and at the end of the day that's all that matters and we're happy for you." That's what I like to hear. I had some other friends from Ohio who were visiting me in New York and one of them knew who she was and apparently was one of those fans I didn't know about. What I was really happy to see was that, as far as porn goes, hers was some of the more classy, nice stuff that I've seen. She definitely is the most open partner that I've had. My past relationships weren't what I needed, I guess. There have been a couple times where something will happen on set that she'll tell me about later, and I'll be like, "Why didn't you tell me right away? It turns out that we did actually have a lot in common. So the next day, they ended up coming all the way over to Brooklyn from New Jersey, and we hung out every single day. I was going to tell her, so I called her and left a voicemail. People are like, "You're the luckiest man in the world." And people always say, "How do you do it? Sometimes it's really uncomfortable to bring those things up to people. Don't you think that's something I'd have wanted to know? This is something I didn't know, but performers can't be on set without a valid two-week test. We schedule all of our castings over one weekend that is jammed packed with face to face or Skype chats.There are often some surprises during the casting stage.Firstly we send out a casting call to our members, as well as past members who are now happily coupled up as a result of finding their partner on e Harmony.We always receive an overwhelming response from enthusiastic people, all with interesting stories that they want to share. We get to hear about single applicants’ e Harmony journeys, and our couples’ first date stories, marriage proposals, weddings and babies.Allie and I talk about things and say, "We should try something new, we should try blah blah blah." And then we usually end up having normal-people sex!

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e Harmony is our life-saver, it gave me what I was looking for.

I also wanted people to know that you don’t have to be young to find love again. I didn’t think I would ever find love again.” Mel: “We wanted to share our success.

There are real people on it and it’s a great way to meet people. It came down to our family values, how we’ve been raised.

Our talent arrive early and are ushered in to get their wardrobe, hair and make-up done.

This is a continuous cycle across the whole day, which certainly keeps everyone on their toes!

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