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Or I could be giggling and wiggling on the lap of Big Richard, a burly Scot with a huge penis who liked to pamper and baby me.Afterward, I needed to be f*cked fast and hard, so I would find someone like Tuff Kid69.In an attempt to have the charge thrown out, 3rd District Judge Stephen Henroid ruled that it didn't matter that Gallegos showed up at the meeting site and that the crime was completed over the Internet.During oral arguments Wednesday, justices differed as to whether Gallegos' conversation could convict him.According to court documents, Gallegos chatted with the agent on two occasions in 2006.

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There was Thomas T39—a sexy, blond, conservative lawyer with a dry British wit, who really wanted it dirty, public, and rough. We were up against a back alley brick wall at last call, me grinding against him, my black leather mini-skirt hiked up my hips and my thigh-high boots wrapped around his waist.Well, he was much older than I and, surprisingly, found the whole thing harmless and ridiculous.He wasn't concerned about what I was doing on the computer, as long as I kept the noise down while the game was on.After tracking his license plate number, Gallegos turned himself in.Gallegos claims he had never believed the person he was chatting with was a minor.

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