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I think you broke them," Andromeda spoke up and Harry rolled his eyes."If you four gentlemen stay like that any longer, your backs are going to cramp and you'll have difficulty in finishing that map of yours if your backs are unable to support your upper body," Harry commented and the four boys looked up at him in shock to see his face amused."Wha-how did you… " James Potter spluttered out."I know all about what has been going on in Hogwarts, and outside of it as well.I spent a year before taking my Kingship to research and I know exactly who the four troublemakers of Gryffindor are," Harry said and the four paled even more before Harry tossed something and Remus only just managed to catch it."You're going to need to by a proper rune kit, by Vladimir Dracul, if you want it to have the effect required for your plans," Harry said and Remus opened the pouch to see it full of Galleons and the four boys looked at Harry like Christmas had come early."Your majesty, that is most generous of you," Charlus said, watching the interaction between the young King and his son and his friends."Lady Potter, perhaps we can talk in the private study while my three fiancés socialise with your son and his friends?Furthermore, the title for this story is inspired by Lord of the Rings and I acknowledge that it is property of Tolken. Chapter 4: Shopping with the King Charlus Fleamont Potter sighed as he put down the daily prophet. Now, Charlus wasn't quite sure that this young man, Hadrian Pendragon, was the King.But the Goblins certified that he was and the goblins, while they can be vindictive, have always been honest in their dealings."Something on your mind dear?The green flames flickered and roared as Millicent Bagnold stepped through, however the other people that Charlus expected to be Aurors, completely took him by surprise. Harry was amused as Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter all straightened their backs and bowed lower than Charlus and Dorea had."Your majesty, we are sincerely sorry for our behaviour.King Hadrian Pendragon walked through the floo behind Millicent Bagnold and then the three black sisters."Your majesty, this is a surprise," Charlus said and Dorea was immediately standing next to her husband and both bowed low to the young king."Forgive our tardiness, had we known we were receiving you, we would have prepared," Dorea added."It is quite alright, I only just informed Madam Bagnold here of the changes being do…" Harry was stopped mid speech when the ruckus of four males could be heard and then running down the stairs and the bodies of a young Sirius Black and James Potter came bursting through the door only to stop when they saw the people in the room."James! We did not know you were at the House with mother and father," James Potter spoke up, all four boys still not daring to look at the young King.

Petunia, I know that you and Vernon Dursley had only just started dating, but you're going to need to tell him that we're going to be moving away.Lily was still coming around to the whole idea of her mother being a sorceress and the younger sister of one of the most powerful magical beings to exist.Morgause had promised that she would begin to teach Lily the family magic when she was ready and Lily had accepted it while Petunia just remained quiet."So, what are we going to do now?Not even Godric Gryffindor's sword can redirect a spell, as powerful as the artefact is," Dorea mused."The boy was indeed the King, I do not know what this means for the Wizarding world as I had to escort Minister Crouch to his cell and set up guards that wouldn't be bribed.Dorea, the young man is not one to be messed with, I've heard from witnesses that the young man can summon the fabled immortal Knights of the round table to him should he need them," Charlus informed.

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