Adult chat room and message board

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Chat rooms are said to be a website or a service provided for the people who share common interests and wish to socialize themselves with those people.

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However, toward the end of the program, Community Leader duties were generally restricted to monitoring chat and message boards.

The purpose of our organization is to provide on line support for stroke survivors and caregivers of adult stroke.

Our organization is a network of sites, woven together to provide you with stroke support and information.

This fact actually hurt AOL when the lawsuit began, however, as the reception of benefits (along with whether the work is full-time and displaces regular employees) is a factor that helps the Department of Labor determine if a volunteer should actually be paid. In response to the investigation, AOL began drastically reducing volunteer responsibilities.

By 2000, nearly all Community Leaders had lost content-editing rights and no longer provided customer service or technical support to AOL customers.

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